How to become a lawyer can be intimidating for some people. Some people have a predisposition towards law and legal affairs, while many others prefer to be business-oriented or enter the arena of finance. Law is one of the most noble fields of study and practice and provides individuals with an opportunity to help others. Lawyers must follow strict regulations pertaining to ethical conduct to remain members of the Bar.

Step 1:

Becoming a lawyer is a difficult challenge but well within the capability of all qualified candidates. Becoming a successful lawyer is an ambitious ambition that is achievable if you understand what steps to take to reach it. All the educational, developmental, entrance and license tests and other qualifying factors required to become a licensed lawyer in every jurisdiction are detailed in the National Association of Legal Assistants website. The National Association of Legal Assistants is the sole governing board of the National Law Journal and is responsible for the maintenance of a directory of qualified lawyers in all states and territories.

Step 2:

To become a lawyer, the process begins with passing the bar exam. The bar exam is a testing program designed to assess prospective lawyers’ competence and knowledge of law and the knowledge of RAK offshore company formation procedure. In order to successfully pass the bar exam, a candidate must demonstrate knowledge of the Constitutional law, trial procedure, civil procedure, criminal law, contract law and real estate law. Only those who have passed the bar exam are allowed to practice law of any jurisdiction.

Step 3:

To become one of the nation’s most respected lawyers in UAE requires at least three years of full-time study and at least seven years of active practice as a practicing lawyer in a jurisdiction. To pass the bar exam, a candidate must pass a two-step examination consisting of a written test and a skills test. A candidate can also select to take the bar exam after they have passed the written test and should do so immediately after their application has been approved.

Step 4:

Law school tuition and other costs are another factor that encourages students to leave their home and pursue a legal career. Law school curriculums are among the most expensive in the world. Law schools spend millions of dollars every year on advertisements and on faculty and student publications in an effort to attract students. Attending one of the best law schools in the country is extremely expensive and many students cannot afford to make the financial commitment required.

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