How to control inflating fire?

How to control inflating fire
March 14, 2021 0 Comments

There is a great way of helping in inflating fire and it is to use the firefighting equipment suppliers because you can get some better equipment from them. But at the same time these equipment will be of no use when the fire is huge and cannot be controlled with the smaller extinguisher. In this situation you have to call the fire extinguisher Dubai as they have the best and bigger equipment so you need to call them. Here are a few ways that you need to see in thee fire extinguishing companies:

When you call any of these then they will first get a quick estimate about the fire and then they will have to do one of three kinds of attack out of which the first one is the direct attack in which they will go to attacking the base of the fire or the main source of fire as they have the strong pipes and the water jet out of which there will be some strong waves will come out and help in deflating the fire.

The second one is the indirect attack in which they will go to aim for the ceilings and walls of the building instead of the direct fire. It happens when the fire is bigger and cannot be controlled with fewer water supplies so they will do this kind of attack. The reason behind is that when the walls will absorb water then they will cool down a bit and then it will be better to take over the fire which is getting higher with time. Other than that the water that will be remaining out of the absorbing from walls and ceilings then they will use more water to lower down the remaining fire and it will be easier then.

Third one is that they have to use combine attack technique in which they will use both of these techniques mentioned above. Two of the hoses will attack the fire from base and also from the sides of the walls so the fire will be lower down quickly. This can be used on the fire which is inflated too high and also cannot be controlled with one technique. When the fumes of the fire will be there in the air then the second technique will help them in lowering that down.