Types of kitchen layout

March 25, 2021 0 Comments

When you are making a new house then you have to give more emphasis to two things, one is the wardrobe closet as you have to put all of your clothes and stuff in them and the other one is your kitchen in Dubai as you have to cook there every day. There are a lot of different types of kitchen layout which you can have but make sure that you are getting it according to your kitchen space. Here are a few of the kitchen layouts which you can read to have an idea about them:

One wall:

This is the type of kitchen which you need to when there is lesser space and you have to get the open kitchen in your house or apartment. You need to get everything across one wall and there should be storage space at one corner and the cleaning space on the other corner while in between you can have the cooking space and above that there should be cabinets and you can get them to the highest you can so the space will be utilized completely.


This is the kitchen type which is usually there in the houses in which everything will be across two opposite walls and in between there will be space for roaming around like a gallery. You can have things like cooking, storing and cleaning at your own liking as you have the space and option to do that and this is the least complicated design which you can get.


It is another very popular type which you can have in your house and in this you will get everything in the l-shaped which means you have to utilize two perpendicular walls and then have all necessary items in there. It is best suited when you have more vertical space in your house so you can get as long L-shaped as you can but make sure that it much contain every important part of the kitchen items and they all should be reached easily while working in there. You can get stove and storage space near and sink to the other wall which is shorter so that area will be customized as cleaning area and the entire kitchen will not look dirty when you have cooked there for entire family or after cooking for guests.