Types of grespania tiles

Types of grespania tiles
May 18, 2021 0 Comments

Grespania ceramica tiles are one of the most widely used ceramic tiles that are available in the market. They have something for every one of us. Their choice range is very vast which makes it like a magnet that attracts more and more customers to it. There are some people who like ceramic tiles to such an extent that they might even want to decorate and cover their whole house with ceramic tiles. Grespania is the perfect choice for such people. The reason is that they have such a huge variety of different tiles that you can find something for every room of your house and something for your every mood. They even have their ceramic tiles categorized according to different themes.

Grespania is a company that has been ruling the business to ceramic tile production since almost 1976. It has been a lot of time for them in this industry and they have established their foot in this market quiet firmly now. There are countless other people, big businesses and small businesses who are in this field of business but nobody has the reputation that this company has. Another one that can be a tough competitor to the grespania could be the ragno tiles Italy. They are a classic when it comes to tile production and have almost the same reputation as the company mentioned before.

As mentioned above in this article, grespania tiles have different types of tiles depending on every room of a house. These categories are sub divided as well. In this article we will be telling you the different types of grespania tiles so that you can choose your favorite one from them and decorate your place with them. They are listed below in this article.

Wall tiles

Wall tiles are generally used in bathrooms and kitchen but they have some classy set of tiles that you can use to elevate the look of your entire house.

Floor tiles

Floor tiles are the most common types of tiles that is why they the biggest collection there.

Bathroom tiles

Since bathrooms are usually wet, any porous surface hold on to that smell of wetness to it. That is why it is always a good idea to put tiles in your bathroom.

Kitchen tiles

Tiles are a great way to decorate a kitchen especially if it’s an open kitchen. They have beautiful designs of tiles for that.