Tips for interior car cleaning

Tips for interior car cleaning
May 6, 2021 0 Comments

Clean of the car from inside is very important otherwise there would be a lot of trash, dirt and dust due to which germs and other diseases could develop. Also, it gives a good look to your car.

Here are few tips for interior car cleaning Dubai.

  1. Trash: If you have children and you drop them to school or take them for outing in your car, then there must definitely be trash in your car such as wrappers of biscuits, chips, chocolates, etc. So, the first thing you need to do when you are doing interior car cleaning is to clean the trash. There would be trash in the pockets of the seat, the pockets of the door, below the seats, floor, etc. Get rid of that trash before you proceed for further cleaning.
  2. Floor mats: Floor mats are usually very dirty. Take out all the floor mats from your car so it would be easier for you to clean them. Once you have taken the floor mats out, sway them a bit. Brush the floor mats with soap and the water that is hot and after doing so, dry the floor mats.
  3. Windows: Use a bristled cloth and cleaner used for cleaning the windows. Using this will clear mist present on the windows.

You can also make a cleaner for windows yourself. Take water (1 cup). Add vinegar (2 tablespoons) and alcohol

  • Dashboard: There is a lot of dashboard and you must have even noticed this thing yourself. Take a piece of cloth and clear the dirt present on the dashboard. You can even use cotton balls to clean places such as knobs, etc. After doing this, take a moist bristled cloth so as to clear fingerprints and dirt.
  • Steering wheel: Remove the germs and microbes from the steering wheel of your car and also the gears through a sanitized wipe. Dry the steering wheel with a bristled cloth.
  • Vacuum: Don’t forget to vacuum your car. You might have used cloth to clear the dust but there might still be some you didn’t notice. So, vacuum the carper of your car or the flooring of your car as to remove the entire dirt and dust away.

If you cannot do the interior car cleaning yourself, then find here cleaning shops that would do it for you.