The do’s and don’ts while staying at a hotel

April 4, 2021 0 Comments

Staying in hotels is fun and it is good to treat yourself with some luxury. And if you want to a culture hotel with the latest luxury trends then we suggest that you find good hotels in Fujairah.Because UAE has some strict laws when it comes to hotels and all of these rules are monitored by different audits without giving a prior notice and that is why even the cheapest hotel will be the best hotel in Fujairah. But just like hotel rules, there are some rules and regulations that you must follow as well and if you don’t follow them, you could be asked to leave and it will not be a very pleasant sight. And that is why to avoid such circumstances, we have come up with some do’s and don’ts while staying at a hotel.

Do: before booking a final hotel, make sure that you look up the internet and ask around your friend and family because if you are spending so much money for some nights, it is best that you opt for the one that gives the best deals and that has everything it in but it is yet cheap.

Don’t: if you have booked a hotel but you have found a cheap one, then don’t cancel it because some hotels simply don’t refund or may deduct some charges.

Do: if you want to do something good in the world then staying at the hotel and stealing is a different kind of fun that we all do no matter how rich we are. And speaking of doing good, you can steal the soap, toothpaste, bathroom shoes and shampoos and give it to the poor.

Don’t: well, you cannot steal all the items in the bathroom like bathrobes, towels or any kind of devices.

Do: do check the cupboards and the drawers and if there some stuff there that you think that it might belong to someone else, then report to the management but don’t if you find a bag full of gold bars.

Don’t: if you use the pool, then don’t pee in it.

Do: make sure that the room is sanitize and if you feel it is not, you can bother them because it has become your right.

Don’t: if your sheets are clean then don’t set up the change my sheets.