Pros & cons of teaching English online

Pros & cons of teaching English online
March 16, 2021 0 Comments

Over time online teaching industry is growing incredibly, as it offers multiple benefits to teachers. It allows you to earn a handsome salary by working from home. It also provides you an opportunity to meet with different kinds of people around the world. The great benefit of online English teaching is you can control your schedule effectively. While there are numerous benefits of online English and IELTS courses in Dubai, but there are also some disadvantages that may occur during online classes. This blog will tell you the merits and demerits of teaching online English.

Pros of teaching English online

Various job opportunities:

The online teaching English industry is expanding rapidly, which is creating diverse job opportunities for talented and qualified teachers around the world. Moreover, these schools are also offering handsome salary packages to teachers that attract English teachers.

Location Independence:

One of the significant benefits of online teaching is, you can teach your students from anywhere in the world. This facility allows you to travel frequently without affecting your job. Thousands of people are providing their services to international universities and schools.

Competitive pay on an hourly basis:

Online English teachers earn a handsome amount as compare to traditional teachers. Educational institutes offer 11$ to 22$ hourly to online teachers. If you are looking to introduce yourself as a freelancing teacher, you can also set your pay.

Size of classes is smaller:

The size of online classes is too small as compared to traditional classes. This facility allows you to focus on each student efficiently and helps to evaluate more effective results.

Cons of Teaching English online

While there are various benefits of online classes, but still there are some issues that you should look for before starting online teaching?

Competitive market:

COVID-19 has changed the worldwide climate. That’s why more and more people are moving to online job markets. Therefore, this market has become more competitive for teachers. So it has become hard to find quality teaching online jobs due to competition.

Rely on internet connection:

Another issue that teachers have to face is stability and speed of internet connection. If you do not have a stable internet speed and connection; there is no use to start an online teaching job. This can affect your job and reputation.

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