Interesting facts about Porsche

Interesting facts about Porsche
March 15, 2021 0 Comments

Big companies like Mercedes service in Dubai have their history written in each of their showroom. And that is why we visited a trusted center of Porsche service in Dubai to find out about the history of Porsche – we did get a lot of things that are amazing and worth the reading time.

  1. The People Behind Porsche: first is Ferdinand Porsche and he was the person who designed and engineered the Volkswagen Beetle. In his early days, he was a classic car racer as well. He started designing cars from 1890. The second person is Ferdinand Anton Ernst Ferry Porsche. He is basically the main founder of Porsche. The third is Ferdinand Alexander Butzi Porsche. And he was famous for designing the 911 and many other Porsche cars. And he was also famous for designing the Porsche watches and pens.
  2. The Two in One Car: even though now cars are really expensive but still the majority of people have kept more than one car. But back in the days, having a car meant that the person must be very rich. And that is why Porsche came up with an idea of a car that could drive people home in a classic way and, if a person wanted adrenaline, that car could go super fast.

Movies that had Real Porsche Cars in it:

A movie that has no car, well, it may seem a bit off for the car fans but car brands promoting their cars in movies; this tradition has been going on for quite a long while now.

  • Awaken: this movie was released in 2002 and it has the Boxster Porsche.
  • Class Reunion: this had a 911 Porsche in it and it got more fame when Morgan Freeman did a voiceover in this movie.
  • School Run: this is an ad that was shown in 1999 and it featured the young Kristen Stewart who was missing her school bus over and over again so that her dad could drop her to school in his 911 Carrera.
  • Speeding: this movie was based of car speed and people taking advantage of speed and it showed 911 Porsche in it.
  • Timeless: this was a two-minute video clip made for Porsche’s 50th birthday and it had the lead of Ferry Porsche himself.
  • A Simple Yes: this is a movie that showed the safety of survival in mountains and hills and it had the car Carrera 4.