Best mobile plans to avail for tourists in Dubai

Best mobile plans to avail for tourists in Dubai
March 25, 2021 0 Comments

You have to purchase a UAE sim card to stay online, but it is sad that there are two telecom providers here in this wonderful country only. That’s why you have no competition and have pricey mobile phone services in UAE. UAE is the most popular destination for visitors. For less than $15, you won’t get a decent sim prepaid card. Do not purchase a prepaid SIM card in UAE if you have an international roaming contract at a less expensive rate in your region.

Etisalat and you are two mobile providers in UAE and Virgin Mobile is an online MVNO. Etisalat covers better than the UAE Du network. Prepaid customers are commonly called users of Wasel. As the prepaid plan is the perfect choice for short-term travelers, I am concentrating on the search for alternatives to prepayment data plans. All plans are in AED (UAE Dirham), but I consider that the actual exchange rate of one US dollar is equivalent to AED 0.27, approximately, if you think how much it would cost you,

Etisalat provides mobile services for visitors according to prepaid plans.

  • AED 105: Only available for 14 days provides 1 GB of results.
  • AED 105: Offering a data validity of 700 MB + 40 minutes + 40 SMS for 14 days.

You get the cheaper AED 90 rate when you purchase Etisalat Dubai prepaid tourist sim cards at the airport’s Dubai Duty-Free store.

You also sell similar plans for the telecom operator for visitors. See also the arrangements of Du prepaid.

  • AED 55: 500MB plus 20 minutes for seven days.
  • AED 75: 2GB plus 40 minutes’ data available for 14 days.
  • AED 110: Provides 3.5GB of Wi-Fi and 1GB of Wi-Fi information for 15 days and 50 minutes.

Virgin Mobile is MVNO which, using the Du network, provides mobile services. In comparison to Du postpaid plan with device and Etisalat, Virgin mobile plans UAE offers more competitive plans. See the Virgin Mobile solutions below.

  • AED 125: 6 GB of data + 50 minutes of validity for 30 days.
  • AED 171: 10 GB of data + 50 minutes of validity for 30 days
  • AED 263: 20 GB of information + 50 min of validity for 30 days
  • AED 339: provides 30 GB of data + 50 minutes, good for 30 days

Looking at all the choices of the above telecoms brands, we find that Etisalat does have a decent UAE coverage, but its services are little bit costly, and that Virgin Mobile gives your money a better value.